about me

I started this blog as a way to share one of my passions with the people that I love.  It focuses on both sweets and seasonal produce,  the two foods that continue to inspire me in the kitchen every day.

jbe_044bwAs a mostly self-taught cook, my early experiences in the kitchen were mixed. I meticulously followed every recipe, and my measuring utensils got quite the workout.  Cooking was especially daunting, and phrases like “to taste” and “a dash” were completely bewildering.  I took more easily to baking, and the strict instructions in every recipe made me much more comfortable in the kitchen.

My affinity for cooking came later, and it wasn’t until college that I learned to appreciate seasonal, fresh produce.  My friends were a huge part of this discovery, and I credit them with my appreciation for sweet peaches and crisp greens.

Now I live in Brooklyn with my husband, Brad and our dog (Lizzie!).  Brad helps me overcome my decision anxiety in the kitchen, and is one of the most dedicated and patient sous chef’s around.


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